March 14, 2018

Web Design

We offer website design service with EXTREMELY competitive prices.

  • We evaluate your present and future needs to build a better website with a design adapted to your company.
  • We take care of finding a Domain name.
  • * Domaines: Annual variable fees due to the ending in ex: .ca or .com etc.
  • We also take care of *hosting your website with one of our partners.
  • * Hosting fees: Variable monthly fees depending on the package.
  • You supply the contents ex: texts, photos, services you offer or products you sell, contacts, slogan and *logo etc.
  • * Logo: if you do not have one, we also offer the possibility to create one with extra fees.
  • Drop down menus, blogs, image gallery, testimonials and more.
  • Bilingual design also in a compatible version to Computers, Tablets and smart Phones for an better experience
  • Web Hosting available true our partner

We take care of everything!