March 14, 2018

PC & Laptop Repair

We offer multiple services and sales in the IT world!

Analysis and detection PC or Laptop related problems:

  • Virus, Spyware and Malware removal, Spam, Bug, slowness Windows or Applications that freezes etc.
  • We inspect your OS *Windows and or Mac OS state to determine whether the device needs internal pressured air cleaning or uninstalling unused or unwanted applications that may have been installed by accident.
  • Suppression of Temporary files folders that can actually cause slowness to Windows or even fill up your Hard Disc Drive.
  • We can modify some of Windows Settings to speed
    up its functionality.
  • Verification of important Security updates in Windows to keep your device and content secure!
  • Complete Format and fresh install of Windows to bring your PC back to its default state.
  • We also sell software at a competitive price.
  • Data back up on a local drive (external drives, USB key, Network Drive or Cloud) * If you do not have backup devices or drive, we can also sell that type of equipment.
  • Equipment installation or upgrades * RAM (Memory), Hard Disc Drive, Sound Card, Graphic Card, Network Card, Multimedia card reader, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray reader or burner.
  • We dispose of your old equipment no charge to be Ecofriendly! 
  • New or Refurbished Computers and Laptop for sale.
  • All computer components are available on request.

Contact us for more information and prices!