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Network Solutions

We provide innovative solutions to answer all your backup digital needs. We make sure that you increase up time with fast and easy backups! We will walk trough the customization and selection of your backup. With multiple CANADIAN locations, we secure you data to prevent you headaches.


We offer a wide choice of services in this category for individual as well as for company or business.

  • Complete analysis of your network to determine if you need to replace equipment, add equipment or update firmware to ensure maximum speed while keeping your network safe against intrusions or even conflicts between devices that could slow down your productivity.
  • Wi-Fi equipment verification: we offer this service to see if your router is installed in a proper location to maximize the Wi-Fi signals across your house or business offices, dead spots and security verifications.
  • Active Directory (AD) support, to build or maintenance your existing AD.
  • Network shared drives or folders, with rules for users or groups.
  • Network storage or Cloud integration for all your precious documents, files and photos.
  • Servers: E-Mail Servers, FTP Servers and NAS Servers.
  • Cabling installation or diagnosis.
  • Visio Diagrams for your projects or a complete network map.
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) change or move.
  • DNS, DHCP, Network controller, Domain controller, Firewall and Antivirus etc.
  • We also sell Network equipment at a competitive price on request.
  • We dispose of your old equipment no charge to be Ecofriendly! 




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