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PC & Laptop Repair

We provide innovative solutions to answer all your backup digital needs. We make sure that you increase up time with fast and easy backups! We will walk trough the customization and selection of your backup. With multiple CANADIAN locations, we secure you data to prevent you headaches.


We offer multiple services and sales in the IT world!

Analysis and detection PC or Laptop related problems:

  • Virus, Spyware and Malware removal, Spam, Bug, slowness Windows or Applications that freezes etc.
  • We inspect your OS *Windows and or Mac OS state to determine whether the device needs internal pressured air cleaning or uninstalling unused or unwanted applications that may have been installed by accident.
  • Suppression of Temporary files folders that can actually cause slowness to Windows or even fill up your Hard Disc Drive.
  • We can modify some of Windows Settings to speed
    up its functionality.
  • Verification of important Security updates in Windows to keep your device and content secure!
  • Complete Format and fresh install of Windows to bring your PC back to its default state.
  • We also sell software at a competitive price.
  • Data back up on a local drive (external drives, USB key, Network Drive or Cloud) * If you do not have backup devices or drive, we can also sell that type of equipment.
  • Equipment installation or upgrades * RAM (Memory), Hard Disc Drive, Sound Card, Graphic Card, Network Card, Multimedia card reader, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray reader or burner.
  • We dispose of your old equipment no charge to be Ecofriendly! 
  • New or Refurbished Computers and Laptop for sale.
  • All computer components are available on request.

Contact us for more information and prices!

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