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Cloud Backup

We provide innovative solutions to answer all your backup digital needs. We make sure that you increase up time with fast and easy backups! We will walk trough the customization and selection of your backup. With multiple CANADIAN locations, we secure you data to prevent you headaches.


Here are the most common advantages Cloud Backup offers:


  • The backup link is secure by a full SSL encrypted connection.
  • All files are encrypted on data storage devices.
  • Anti-virus is keeping all stored data free of infection.


  • Data is replicated to offsite location for disaster recovery.
  • Because of it’s local geolocation, ResoluTech has a low latency for fast access to backup sites.
  • Restore is fast and easy with our data file revision (multiple version of data).


  • Data synchronization is fast and seamless.
  • No task to execute and no maintenance.
  • Easy restore access




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